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A Conversation with Henry David Thoreau

Jacob Sears Memorial Library (East Dennis)~ Saturday, September 30th at 2:00

Step back in time to 1856 with "A Conversation with Henry David Thoreau"

Mr. Thoreau will be reading from his essay, "Walking; or, The Wild". After the reading he will engage in a lively and entertaining conversation with the audience and take questions. 

Richard Smith is a professional Historian and writer  in Concord, Massachusetts. He has portrayed Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond and around the country since 1999.

Author Talk: "The Outer Beach"

Dennis Memorial Library~ Sunday September 17th at 4:00

Book cover for the outer beach
Join us for an author talk with Robert Finch to learn more about his new book, "The Outer Beach," a poignant, candid chronicle of a beloved nature writer's fifty-year relationship with an iconic American landscape.

Those who have encountered Cape Cod, or merely dipped into an account of its rich history, know that it is a singular place. Robert Finch writes of its beaches: "No other place I know sears the heart with such a constant juxtaposition of pleasure and pain, of beauty being born and destroyed in the same moment."  And nowhere within its borders is this truth more vivid and dramatic than along the forty miles of Atlantic coast, what Finch has always known as "the Outer Beach." The essays in this book represent over fifty years and a cumulative thousand miles of walking along the storied edge of the Cape's epochal arm.

Throughout his essays, Finch pays tribute to the Outer Beach's impressive literary legacy, meditates on its often tragic history, and explores the strange, mutable nature of time near the ocean. But lurking behind every experience and observation is the essential question that the beach beckons every one of its pilgrims to confront: how do we accept our brief existence here, caught between overwhelming beauty and merciless indifference?

Robert Finch has lived on Cape Cod for over forty years, currently in Wellfleet, MA. He is the author of seven collections of essays, most recently of his radio scripts for his weekly radio broadcast, "A Cape Cod Notebook" on the Cape and Islands NPR Station, WCAI.

Thoreau's Cape Cod

West Dennis Graded School House- Saturday, April 29th at 2:00

The Dennis Libraries present "Thoreau's Cape Cod." Between 1849 and 1857 Henry David Thoreau took four walking tours of Cape Cod. His Book Cape Cod is a genial and observant journal about Cape Cod's human and natural inhabitants in the mid-nineteenth century. Anne Speyer, director of the South Dennis Free Public Library, will host an interactive program on Cape Cod in Thoreau's time and now. How has this unique spit of land changed- or not changed- over the past century and a half?

Anne Speyer, an omnivorous reader, taught high shcool English for 30 years and has been the director of the South Dennis Free Public Library for more than 11 years.